Friday, June 15, 2012

New Release: Robert Nelson SABLE REVERY

Just published is the first of our series of Nodens Chapbookssmaller projects that don't make up full-sized books.

Sable Revery: Poems, Sketches and Letters
by Robert Nelson 

Robert Nelson (1912-1935) was a contributor of verse to Weird Tales magazine in the mid-1930s, and of verse and prose to fan magazines like The Fantasy Fan. He was also a correspondent of H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.

This slim volume collects all of his published poems, prose-sketches and letters, which date from the last four years of his short life.

Also included are five letters by H.P. Lovecraft, four to Nelson and one to Nelson's mother after the young man's death.

"His promise in the field of literature seemed to me very considerable; for despite the marks of youthful construction—indefiniteness or overcolouring now and then—his work had a distinct imaginative richness and atmospheric power which was rapidly improving through criticism and self-discipline. I expected to see him develop like other youths whose careers I have watched—August W. Derleth, Donald Wandrei, Frank B. Long, etc.—who are now well-established figures in the world of weird writing."            
                                                                                                         H. P. Lovecraft on Robert Nelson

Sable Revery is available as a trade paperback.

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Published by Nodens Books.
ISBN 978-0615652252  [trade paperback]

Table of Contents:

Introduction  by  Douglas A. Anderson

I. Poems

“Below the Phosphor”
“The Unremembered Realm”
“Sable Revery”
“Under the Tomb”
“Night of Unrest”

II. Sketches
“The Weird Tale (A Dialogue)”
“Lost Excerpts”
“Trilogy of Death”

III. Letters

Appendix. Letters by H.P. Lovecraft



  1. This is extremely exciting and I thank you for it. I've become rather obsess'd with ye poet & have written a prose-poem in his memory for ye Lovecraft eZine. I must get this wee collection!

  2. Thanks, Willum. Hope you enjoy the collection. Good to see your prose-poem up now at:

  3. I will get this as soon as Henrik Harksen releases HEX CODE & OTHERS -- that way I can kill two birds with one stone!

    Martin Andersson

  4. Is there any chance we'll see this and your other books in digital format? Thanks.

  5. I've got one bigger project to finish, and then I'll be looking into how to do digital formats. Thanks for inquiring!